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Hello Princeton Faculty!

Welcome to my portfolio! Below you'll find a collection of some of my recent pieces, each with suggested excerpts that will give you a taste of each piece. If you'd like to listen further, the full recording is also provided.

excerpt starts at m. 35


Infinite Juke (2022)

for piano quartet

duration: c. 8' 00"

I. jukethrob
II. jukepulse (& juke)ing shrieks
III. It's Snowing isn't that Perfectly Wonderful

click here for the score 


inspired by the e.e. cummings poem ("infinite jukethrob smoke...")


The Room Series (2020-2021)

combined duration: c. 28' 00"


The Room Series is a collection of pieces for solo instrument and fixed electronics. While the pieces can all be performed seperately, they were designed as different parts of the same concept, each one akin to different roles in the same play. The electronic tracks are all comprised from the same source: samples of sounds made by objects found in my bedroom. Each part of the series is as a duet between the instrument and the room (electronics), illustrating the different effects that isolation can have on our relationship with our surroundings.

click here for the combined score

full recordings:

Part 1. A Negative Space for trombone and electronics



Part 2. Made From Broken Mockingbirds for marimba and electronics *includes my own text




Part 3. Four Blurred Walls for bassoon and electronics




Part 4. You Were the Window for contrabass and electronics

excerpt starts at m. 48

excerpt starts at m. 1

excerpt starts at m. 32

excerpt starts at m. 58


Bathroom of Apathy (2021)

for dancer, cello, and electronics

duration: c. 12'00"

I. before apathy

II. between apathy

III. apathy

click here for the score


a composed theater piece inspired by the poem The House by Warsan Shire, particularly the first stanza:


"Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women; kitchen of lust,

bedroom of grief, bathroom of apathy.

Sometimes the men - they come with keys,

and sometimes, the men - they come with hammers."

This is the full video- excerpts are below
*clip 5 contains an example of my own text

BoA Excerpts
BoA Clip 1
BoA Clip 2
BoA clip 3
BoA clip 4